Performance and InventDim and InventSum

The standard ‘out-of-the-box’ system will perform reasonably for many companies. There is always a need to test the performance and tune the system to your requirements.

If your implementation uses inventory, and if you are using batch and or serial numbers, then you might find your inventory performance to be sluggish. You might want to look at your indexes on the tables InventDim and InventSum. These tables are used in almost every query when involved with inventory.

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Index field order – pre AX 2012

In a previous blog I talked about adding additional fields to your indexes in DAX to control the placement of the DataAreaId. This was in relation to AX2012, but did you know you can also do this in previous versions of AX, this has been verified as working on version 4 and 2009.

This can greatly improve the performance of queries and should be considered in your performance tuning tool kit. But as with all things related to performance tuning, remember to test thoroughly before implementing on a production environment.

Index field order – performance tuning

The design of your database, along with your indexes will determine much of the performance limitations of your system. The indexes are how the system will locate information, and if these are well designed can produce considerable performance improvements. This blog will look at the index field order and the system fields, and the effects it can have on your system.

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