Batch printing sales order picking lists in AX2012R2

If you have tried to batch print sales order picking lists in DAX2012R2, you might have encountered an issue where the picking lists would generate, but the printing would not not generate.

The test to ensure the batch server is setup correctly to be able to print, is to reprint an already created picking list on the batch server, if this prints fine then the setup is good, and the problem is the possible the same as I have encountered.

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AX2012R2 – What company am I in?

Found a strange occurrence in the system today when moving between the main system and the development environment. The status bar shows the company that is active. However when doing some testing I noticed that if the companies in the two environments are different, when I change from the development environment to the client, the system will report the change of company.

However if I change from the client the development environment, assuming it is already open, it will not do the same, keeping the active company as the one from the client, even through the status bar in the development environment states otherwise.

So be careful if you are running classes or jobs that update data in a multi company environment. You should always code the required company into the class or job to ensure it cannot be accidentally run from the wrong company.

Compiling inconsistencies in AX2012 R2

This is an unusual post because there is no answer, just a warning to be aware. This issue has been experienced with AX2012 R2 CU7 with every version of kernel that has been tried.

When compiling the system, if you do a full system compile you might experience one of two issues, you get errors/warning or best practice issues, that when you compile the objects individually they compile fine. Alternatively the opposite also occurs, where the full system compile is reporting no errors, warnings or best practice issues, but when you compile individual objects you get errors.

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