Create User License Batch Job

If you ever need to re-create the system standard user license batch job, this can be completed using the following lines of code, in a job.

To create the Automatical Role Assignement batch job use:


To create the user licnese miner batch job user:


Dialog timeout control

Adding a timeout control to a no yes dialog box has some value. While the standard system does not allow you to control a form in this way for boxes, it is possible to modify the system to achieve this.

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Summary Update fields in AX2012

When processing sales order, or purchase order, posting you can control the summary updates. If you go into Accounts receivable->Setup->Accounts receivable parameters, then go to the tab, summary update, and press the summary update parameters, you can change the summary update fields.

If however the field you want is not present, you can add additional fields. This is done from the AOT, under the table SalesTable for sales orders, and PurchTable for purchase orders. Add the additional fields to what to use under the field group ‘SummaryUpdate’.

Creating employee records based on user accounts and linking them

When setting up a new system, people tend to spend lots of time setting up the various modules and creating user account. But what is often forgotten is to create employee records and link them to the users.

Below is a quick job that will create employee records for each user account, and link them. This script works on the basis that the user accounts have been allocated to the correct company as their default, and the name is the first and last name of the person. It also can filter out pre-defined users, and users allocated to company DAT, to hopefully get a clean employee set.

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