AIF – schema was not found for the document ‘AifEntityKeyPage’

When trying to deploy a service group or activate an AIF service you may receive the error: ‘The schema was not found for the document ‘AifEntityKeyPage’ in port XXXXX

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AX2012 Recalculate Inventory Sum

There are times when you need to run the systems internal consistency check for an item to ensure the inventsum (Inventory levels) are correct. The below code will allow you to ensure the inventory levels are correct for an item.

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Mass loading items into AX2012

When you need to import large numbers of item records into AX2012 you will find the time it takes to load them fairly slow. In my example I have 200,000 records to load. First I need to create the Product masters, then I need to release the product to the different companies. I was finding the creation of the product masters was taking about 3 hours to complete with the release to each of the companies around 3 hours each, and I had two companies to release.

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