Payment report – loading…

Recently encountered a problem with the payment journal payment report. When the report was run the report loading screen would be displayed and nothing else would happen.

With some investigation it was evident that there was nothing wrong with the code or data. This had been concluded by checking SQL activity, for which there was none, and taking a copy of the system and running the report on the copy, for which it worked fine.

So the problem existed only in the production environment, which had more AOS’s and a multi-server installation, with reporting services being on a difference machine.

So why was the production payment report not working, when all other reports seem to be functioning correctly.

After reviewing all event logs, a log was found on the reporting server about an issue with the business connector.

As a result I completed a repair of the installation on the reporting server. This resolved the report issues.

While I have fixed the issue, this still leaves two questions:

  1. How did the installation get damaged?
  2. Why did it only seem to affect the one report?

The good news of course, is the report now works. If anyone has any insight into the open questions, that would be great.

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