AX2012, Labels and TFS

Encountered a strange issue when dealing with labels in DAX2012 using the TFS. The normal process is to create the labels as normal, the system will allocate a temporary label id. When you check in the labels the system will create the actual labels and update your code replacing the temporary label with the new label. This all sounds great, but what happens when things go wrong?

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Date to DateTime

There are a number of methods in DAX2012 that need the input of Datetime. While they will work by sending a date value, they will generate a warning message during a compile.

To handle the value correctly, and to eliminate the warning message, you need to convert the Date to a DateTime. This can be done using the following command:

DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(<date variable>, 0, DateTimeUtil::getCompanyTimeZone());

Error starting AOS

When you move a database from one system to another, or install a new AOS you might get the following errors when starting the AOS:

Cannot create another system semaphore

The internal time zone version number stored in the database is higher than the version supported by the kernel (x/y). Use a newer Microsoft Dynamics AX kernel.

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