Slip streaming DAX 2012 installations

It makes life a lot easier to built one installation set to install your DAX 2012 software along with any kernel patches or CU updates. Simple copy the files into a directory (one for each patch or update) under the installation folder ‘Updates’. This will mean that when you install a client, or any other DAX component the installation will automatically update with the ‘updates’ so everything can be installed in one process and wont be missed or forgotten.


One thought on “Slip streaming DAX 2012 installations

  1. Jim Willsher says:

    …a process we used just last week to upgrade an existing customer from AX 2009 to 2012 R3 CU8. You can download the CU8 slipstream-only file from LCS, then use it for the installation. Note that 2012R3 CU8 gets a different version number if it was slipstreamed as opposed to installed as a normal patch. But the end fucntionality is the same.


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