Publishing AX Reports – User or group name not recognized

You may encounter an issue with trying to release reports to your AX environment when you move databases between environments. The error you might receive, during the report release, is Publish_AXReport: The user or group name ‘xxx’ is not recognized

Even though everything is setup correctly in your AX environment, the error is caused by having additional records in the table SysServerSessions. If from SQL you review the data in this table you should notice that you have records that point to old servers/instances. You need to delete all the records that are not relevant to your current environment. Once done you should be able to deploy reports with getting the user or group name error.

SAN Performance and SQL server

The use of SANs in today network environment is almost common place, but is the performance requirements of the systems using those SANs considered in the design on the SAN setup.

A typical problem I find is people are not considering how the SAN should be setup to get the best performance, primarily for DAX we are talking about the considerations for SQL server, regardless if SQL is visualized or physical.

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