View Details not visible

The view details option can be a powerful and useful feature allowing users to quickly jump from one record to the master record. However when this feature is not available it can be frustrating.

Recently I had a client that this was not working for some users for the Item Number field. The problem is user permissions, but what do you need to add to the user’s role to make the view detail work for item numbers.

For item number we need to look at the EDT (extended data type) for the field in question, which for item number is ItemId. If we look at the relations we can see it relates to table InventTable and field ItemId.

Taking this information, we can look at the table InventTable, and the properties for that table. In the property FormRef there is a form referenced called ECOResProductDetailsExtended. This is the form that is displayed when the view detail is selected from the item number field.

To make this visible for the user we need to add the menu item that relates to this form to a Duty that is used by the Role the user is assigned. For this form the menu item is a display menu called EcoResProductDetailsExtendedView. Add this to an appropriate Duty and the view detail will be visible to the user.

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