Cross Reference Update – Batch-able

The standard Cross Reference update is not batch-able, which means to run the cross reference either you need to use the command line or use the client, either way it ties up the client machine, and is a little bit of a pain.

It is fairly easy to modify the system to make the Cross Reference update batch-able. Simple make the following code modifications and the cross reference update will include the batch option, and will run on the server rather than the client.

Menu item -> Action -> xRefUpdate

Change property RunOn to Server

Classes -> SysUtilElementsTraverse

Change method ClassDeclaration. Change the extends from RunBase to RunBaseBatch.

Classes -> xRefUpdate

Change method canGoBatch. Change the return false; to return true;

This change has been tested and works fine for the Cross Reference update, but cannot guarantee that no other items are adversely affect by this change.

[Update] this code works fine, while not completely necessary in AX2012 as running the following line in a job will create a batch job: xRefUpdateIL::updateAllXref(true, false, true);

2 thoughts on “Cross Reference Update – Batch-able

  1. Charles COLOMBEL says:

    There are a simple way to have batch Job for Refresh XRefUpdate, just create a job with this line,

    xRefUpdateIL::updateAllXref(true, false, true);

    and start the job -> a Batch job is create and start


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