Financial Dimensions Commands

Working with ledger dimensions in DAX2012 can be a challenge. Below are some routines that might help your developments when working with financial dimensions.

Get ledger account. If you have a ledger dimension recid, you might want to get the ledger account record, which would enable you to get the ledger account, offset ledger account or any other information contained on the ledger account.

MainAccount::findByLedgerDimension(<Ledger Dimension recid>)

Merge ledger dimensions. If you want to merge the ledger dimensions onto another ledger dimension, then you can merge ledger dimensions. This command will take the financial dimensions from recid 1 and over-write them onto recid 2, returning a ledgerdimensionaccount.

DimensionDefaultingService::serviceMergeLedgerDimensions(<ledger dimension recid 1>,<ledger dimension recid 2>);

View ledger dimensions. If you would like to view the current ledger dimensions then you can use the following command to return a string of the information.

DimensionAttributeValueCombination::getDisplayValue(<ledger minensions recid>);

You may also want to check the class DimensionDefaultingService, there are a number of other commands in this class that you might find useful.

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