BI cube deployment language issue

Encountered an unexpected issue when deploying the standard cubes. During the deployment the only language selected was ‘en-gb’, everything deployed without any problems. However when you run some of the procurement reports (example Reports->Statistics->Supplier->Purchase in the past periods), they error saying ‘Accounts payable cube’ is not present or processed.

The problem is caused because of user default language in DAX was set to ‘en-gb’ causing the cube names to load with the British English wording rather than the US English. For the VendCube this would mean US language would be ‘Accounts payable cube’ while in British English would be ‘Purchase ledger cube’. The example report is hard coded to look for ‘Accounts payable cube’.

So when releasing the standard cubes, and to use them within the standard reports, you must ensure the deployer’s DAX language is set to -en-us’ to ensure the cubes will work with existing reports!

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